Important Information

 about Mrs. Quinn’s


Arrival Time

If your child is going to be arriving at school before 8:00am, they will have to stay in the gym until the bell rings.  There is no supervision in the classrooms prior to this time.


If your child will be eating breakfast at school, they need to go to the cafeteria to eat first before coming to the classroom.


When you registered your child you filled out a form that indicated whether or not he/she would ride the bus home each day and to which address your child would be taken.  If there is any change from what you indicated on the form, you MUST send a note to school.  We are very concerned with the safety of our students.  Please help us keep track of them.


Kindergarten lunch time is from 11:15 until 12:05 every day.  This time also includes their noon recess!


Each afternoon we will take a short break for a snack.  This time is very important for the kids.  Besides being a time they look forward to, it is also a time to learn about sharing and good manners.  I will send a snack calendar home each month to let you know what day your child will need to bring a snack for the class.  Remember that at school we can only serve store bought snacks.  We are not allowed to serve homemade snacks!


We enjoy celebrating birthdays at school.  If you would like to bring a special treat in honor of your child’s birthday that is fine.  Please let me know a day or two in advance.  I will try to schedule your child’s snack day on their birthday if at all possible.

Book Orders

Your child will be bringing home a book order form about once a month.  If you wish to order, simply fill out the form and send a check made out to the book club in an envelope with your child’s name on the front.  I would like to encourage you to look through the form with your child.  Reading to and with your child can be a wonderful learning experience.


I will send home a newsletter every week on Friday to keep you informed of what is happening at school.  Look for this in your child’s folder!

School Website

If you have access to a computer and the internet, a neat way to see what your child does at school is to look at our school website.  You will see pictures of your child, examples of their work, special events and much more.  Check us out at:

Box Tops for Education

Please be sure to look for these and save them off of different food items.  Our school gets cash for these to be used in our rooms.  There is also a party for the class that turns in the most box tops each month!!